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Cordless Battery Tools

18V Tool Line

This is the overview of the 8 powerful 18V tools from GOEBEL.

GO-BR1 - capacity: Ø 3.0 - 5.0 mm - all materials

GO-BR2 - capacity: Ø 4,0 - 6,4 mm / optional: Ø 3,0 - 4,0 mm  - all materials

GO-TR1 - capacity: Ø 5,2 / 6,4 / 7,5 mm - aluminium

GO-RN1 - capacity: M3 - M8 - all materials

GO-RN2 - capacity: M8 - M12 - all materials

GO-SN1 - capacity: M5 - M10 - all materials

GO-LB1 - capacity: Ø 4,8 - 6,4 mm - all materials

GO-HX1 - capacity: M4 - M8 - all materials

360° 3D view for all riveting tools

On the subpage of the respective riveting tool, you will find a 360° view button. Here you can view the respective riveting tool from all sides and also in different sizes. 3D models by Goebel Group (@eliasgoebel) - Sketchfab

GOEBEL 18V Cordless Riveter Line

The powerful 18V cordless riveter line from GOEBEL consists of 8 special tools. All the cordless riveters in this line feature the latest brushless BLDC motor technology. Not only the light weight of the tools, but also the handiness and ergonomics of the tools convince the user. In addition, the integrated LED light in each tool provides perfect illumination of the working area. A firm stand of the cordless riveting tool also ensures maximum safety during assembly. Each tool purchased in the set contains two quick-change rechargeable batteries with LED battery indicator. The Li-Ion batteries (18V 2.0Ah 36Wh) are the heart of the powerful processing tools. They guarantee freedom from maintenance, the highest energy efficiency and a long service life. The entire line is operated with the same battery model. The operation or the stroke setting of the units for the optimal setting process can be easily adjusted via the integrated control panel at the touch of a button. Other features of this line are the transparent mandrel collectors of the three blind rivet setters. These three blind rivet setters also have a patented mandrel retention function, which offers the user considerable benefits during processing. Our three blind rivet setters also have an integrated automatic setting mode for series assembly. This function allows the blind rivet nut to be processed without pressing the trigger button. Two other special processing tools in this line are the battery-powered lockbolt setter and the battery-powered punching tool for hexagonal holes. We offer all these tools and their advantages at an unbeatable price and highest quality.

Powerful BLDC motors

We make the difference!

As the drive system for our powerful 18V Tool Line from GOEBEL - all tools feature a brushless BLDC motor. This technology offers the user freedom from maintenance, better energy efficiency, higher power density and a long service life.
We bring powerful brushless motors to the market at an unbeatable price and quality. With brushless motors, you follow the trend away from brushed devices, which are increasingly being phased out.
Already in the early development phase of the 18V Tool Line, the brushless motors were strongly considered as a basic element of the series and a further construction of this drive system was adapted. The brushless motors are the heart of the new GOEBEL 18V tools.

18V Li-Ion Battery 2.0Ah 36Wh

Did you know?

All 8 of GOEBEL's new powerful cordless tools feature 18V 2.0Ah 36Wh lithium-ion batteries. The 18V technology enables significantly higher performance and long runtime (at least 2 hours) at a total weight (tool + battery) of just 1.4Kg to 1.6Kg (depending on model). Li-Ion batteries are characterised by an increased service life. Furthermore, all batteries of this series have a deep charge protection (ECP), which protects against possible damage. In addition, there is a practical battery status indicator on the back of the battery. This indicates the current charge status by means of LED lights. As soon as the battery needs to be recharged, this is done in the battery charger included in the set. The charging time is <30 minutes and each battery can be charged at least 1,000 times! Each tool set contains 2x Li-Ion batteries.

Only the combination of 18V batteries and the brushless motors creates a user-friendly processing tool that fits the user's hand well and guarantees safe and reliable processing.

Development process of the 18V tool line

The development of the 18V riveting tool line was carried out by our experienced and qualified team at Goebel. All data was created with the help of the latest 3D CAD technology. This technology manages to transform Goebel's bundled know-how into a finished product ready for series production. The creation of the robust device housing was essential in order to give the inner workings of the machines a place. CAD technology offers many advantages in the early stages of development. Optimal data can be created on the computer long before it is physically held in the hand. Thus, the product has gone through many steps at Goebel from the idea to the start of production.

Included in the set

The scope of delivery of the impact-resistant plastic case always includes the respective tool, with the corresponding mouthpieces or threaded mandrels, a spanner, quick charger and two 18V 2.0 Ah 36Wh lithium-ion batteries. The exact scope of delivery can be found in the product description of the respective tool. With this, you are ready for use immediately.

Informative cardboard packaging

Each tool in the 18V line has an informative outer box that highlights the tool's features. A QR code on the front leads directly to a video of the respective device. In the video, the advantages are explained in a very short time. On the back of the box, the main features of the tool are clearly explained.

display for our retailers

We are happy to provide our business partners with a free floor display for exhibition and sales purposes. The stable and high-quality floor display consists of three shelf levels with a capacity of seven units, with a further display unit on the top level. This allows the new 18V appliance line to be optimally presented.

Warranty and service

We give a 1-year guarantee from the date of sale on the purchased unit, provided that only the quick-wear parts are used properly. As a manufacturer, we have our own certified repair centre. In this centre, we can repair devices within 48 hours after an analysis and approval for repair. We are happy to offer free loan units for the interim period.

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