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Goebel products are used all over the world. In the more than 40 years of company history, we have made our contribution to the success of our customers on virtually every continent and in every country on large, but also small projects/products. Whether at an altitude of over 3000 meters, in the desert, on the oceans, whether in the consumer goods industry, energy industry, transport industry, food industry - the list is long. But what we can say for sure about ourselves is that our customers have always been very satisfied with the quality, the service and Goebel as a whole. We too are proud to have been a part of the value chain for our customers and look forward to future challenges.

Energy group Equinor

For the Norwegian energy company Equinor, we have been able to supply Goebel products to many offshore projects in recent years through innovations and the highest quality standards. Extreme conditions require durable, resistant and sustainable fastening solutions.

Chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer

At the chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer, we have been a specified supplier with our fastening solutions for decades. Through our innovations, we also indirectly contribute to emission reduction in manufacturing. Our fastening solutions are used worldwide at Bayer.


The Finnish company KESPET OY has revolutionized the industrial production of insulating jackets, such as insulating caps for fittings, geometrically demanding sheet metal jackets in materials made of steel, aluminum, AZ sheet or stainless steel A2/A4 in mass production. Goebel products have been used in mass production for decades. The highest consistent quality ensures the success of KESPET OY, its customers and GOEBEL. The right insulation supports emission reduction enormously.  


In the Audi R8 the sporty high performance car from Audi several fasteners from Goebel are used. Through the highest precision of our products, just in time delivery, with the associated documentation for the automotive industry, we are proud to be a part of this beautiful model of Audi.


Photovoltaic projects worldwide with our DIBT approval for blind rivets are part of the efforts of the German government to promote the energy transition in Germany. Here we see our task in climate protection confirmed with our fastening solutions.


Goebel products for shipbuilding, whether for luxury vessels, FLNG offshore installations, cruise ships or even ferries, wherever corrosion can be caused by seawater, Goebel highly corrosive fastening solutions have proven their worth.

Roof and facade construction

In roof and facade construction, when it comes to approved fastening elements according to DIBT, Goebel products provide a secure and durable hold. Structural engineers can rely on Goebel's approvals and involve us already in the planning stage.

The reference list is long and this is only an excerpt from many projects where GOEBEL products are or have been used worldwide.

Wind turbines - GO-LOCK with DIBt approval

Highest safety due to our building authority approved high strength blind rivets in steel and stainless steel (Ø 6.4mm). The GO-LOCK is characterized by its double locking system, flush rivet mandrel break-off , large clamping range and high strength. Even under dynamic stress, the high-strength blind rivet retains its tight fit.

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