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Product advice

Our range includes thousands of screws and rivets for almost any application. We have developed an interactive Screw Guide to help you find the precise product you require. By defining a few known parameters, our shop will identify the product you need in just a few simple steps. Give it a go!

Product selection

Simply click on the product group you need in the menu under Products.

Product overview

You’ll now find all the products in this group. There might be hundreds of different products. You now have the option of using filters to further limit the search for the product you require.

Use the white fields to select how you wish the products to be displayed. The four blue squares display the products as a gallery view with large photos of the products, or alternatively you can opt for a pure list view on the right. This also confirms how many products are currently available.

Attribute filters

The white fields let you use attribute filters to make a more detailed selection (e.g. by specifying drive, thread etc.) Click in the field to open a selection list, which displays the additional selection options and the number of products under this filter.

Filter selection

The active selection is highlighted in blue. Click on the attribute when you have found the one you require.

Changing your selection

Simply click on the blue cross in the white field if you have made a wrong selection. You can then make the right selection in the drop-down list.

Products found

The more fields you complete, as described above, the more inappropriate products will be excluded, until you reach the exact product you need. Simply click on the image if you see the product you require in one of the earlier photos. You’ll then find all the information you need about your selected product.

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