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From left to right: Marcel Goebel (CEO), Elias Goebel (CTO), Sebastian Köhr (CFO), Sven Hannisch (CIO)

The management of GOEBEL GmbH, the headquarter, is the responsibility of Mr. Marcel Goebel (CEO), who leads the company together with his two authorized signatories, Sebastian Köhr (CFO) and Sven Hannisch (CIO), as well as Elias Goebel (CTO).

The 3rd generation has already started with Elias Goebel. As a family-run traditional company with responsibility, we see in this the confirmation of long-term vision. To implement the needs and visions of tomorrow in a customer-oriented way is the greatest challenge and requires innovative thinking as well as implementation.

It is important to us that our customers, as well as our employees and their families, can rely on responsible management. In our company philosophy, despite the highest professional responsibility, the interpersonal level must not be missing, as this forms the basis for our joint success.

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