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The incoming products are subject to acceptance tests according to determined random sample control plans. The type and material of the product as well as the testing parameters define the testing and verification procedures of the corresponding product.

Essential steps are the preparation, delivery and archiving the high-quality test reports that serve our customers as important documentation and basis for decisions. 

Since the Goebel testing laboratory is located in Erkrath (and therefore near the central storage), it is possible to access the products quickly and easily. We are happy to check your order. If you are interested in a particular offer, please get in touch with you contact person(s)/vendor. We will be happy to provide advice.

The following tests can be conducted in the testing laboratory of Goebel:

Internal tests

control of layer thickness material analysis stainless steel heavy metal determination
Kesternich testingscrew-in test (drilling screws) pulling and pull-over strength test
Torsion testtorquedimensional inspection
profile inspectionshear testtensile test
riveting mandrel press-out force riveting mandrel breaking force remaining riveting mandrel locking device
surface pressure thickness control (water column test)
Erstellung von Erstmusterprüfberichten nach Werksnorm, ISO TS 16949 oder nach eigenen Vorgaben

External tests

wet-chemical material analysis RoHS Screeninghardness testing
material analysis elastomersenvironment simulation enduring stress test
salt spray test structural analysisoptical sorter
friction coefficient examination grinding tests and many others

The user is responsible to determine the customer-related requirements that exceed the standardised inspections by providing specifications and additional testing and verification requirements.

In case of specific testing requirements or safety-relevant applications, additional tests (depending on the item and use) can be performed at the commissioned and authorised plant-independent testing institutes or by technical experts. The costs for additional tests are not included in the product price.

As specialist in the development of innovative and high-quality joining elements as well as relevant processing systems, we provide a sound technical knowledge. We consider customer-specific requirements as a challenge. We develop new joining elements in cooperation with our customers and product management and check them in practice-oriented conditions.

The batch traceability allows tracking products or production batches as well as special technical materials to the producer, substances or specific product characteristics or characteristics of the manufacturing process throughout the whole or partially reconstructible supply chain. The batch traceability is especially important in the supply chain of food industry, automotive industry as well as railway engineering and aircraft industry.

Many customers confirm the high quality standard of Goebel in daily business.