Goebel Schrauben

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Quality objectives

Quality specifies to what extent a product or a service corresponds to the degree of fulfilment of the customers’ expectations. Therefore, our top priority is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

To fulfil and exceed the expectations of our customers, modern methods, processes and machines are applied; always involving our employees. The continuous improvement is realised in a progressive and selective manner and is expressed by perfecting the optimisation of a product or service. We act according to our corporate philosophy: error prevention instead of trouble shooting.

Our fundamental principle is to ensure the product quality by means of systematic and consistent controls and the product safety entailed with it. A product failure can have unpleasant consequences, which must be avoided by all means.

Our competent consulting service requires a high level of professional expertise. In order to meet this special requirement, we offer our employees an extensive training course programme. Our business success significantly depends on the employee involvement to act responsibly and work independently. Therefore, our quality management system is aimed to achieve high employee satisfaction together with the customer-oriented goals.

The basis of our business activity is sustainable development, which involves all departments and business areas. Resource efficiency is a central concern for us. We intend to avoid any kind of waste.